AMD announced two new desktop processors with Bulldozer core, and reduced the tray price of a high-performance model.

AMD FX CPUThe quad-core CPU FX-4170 has a clock speed of 4.2 GHz/4.3 GHz and the 6-core FX-6200 is clocked at 3.8 GHz/4.1 GHz. Both models have a thermal design power of 125 Watt. The current FX lineup includes the FX-4100, FX-6100, FX-8100, FX-8120, and FX-8150.

Global availability of the FX-4170 and AMD FX-6200 is happening on a rolling timeline, so availability will vary by market, AMD said.

AMD also said that it has reduced the price of its FX-8120 as well. The chip is now offered for a suggested price of $185, down from $205.