On Wednesday August 24, 2016, uSens, in association with Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) and ARVR Academy hosted an evening dedicated to exploring how inside-out tracking is accelerating the ARVR revolution at The Village in San Francisco.
The event was a standing room only with over 250 industry professionals from the media, hardware & platform makers, content developers, investors, and analysts. uSens even invited some of its competition (Gestigon) to its industry panel, which was also joined by other domain experts from the ARVR fields.
Back in July uSens opened up its developer support program called uDev with an initial Alpha phase. uDev now supports uSens’ Beta developer kits for a line of ARVR hand and head position tracking input modules dubbed FINGO, Color FINGO, Powered FINGO, and more. The uSens SDK will support FINGO developers using Unity 3D, C++, and Java.
At the event, attendees experienced new uSens demos showing off its latest inside-out hand and head position tracking technology for mobile as well as PC platforms. Attendees saw unique ARVR interactive experiences in live demos including use cases for retail, entertainment, business and beyond. You can see a video of the event here.
The timing of mid-week, early evening, in a cozy but modern venue, stimulated networking. This may have helped fill the room with many Bay area ARVR industry heavy influencers. In addition, there were many investors at the event which allowed some local indie developers an opportunity to seek advice as well as engage on some possible investment opportunities.
One of the highlights of the event was a demo where uSens showed off its Power FINGO device connected to a Vive, featuring hands-free and mobile position tracking without the use of the Vive Lighthouse technology. It was the first time we’ve ever seen this, and it was very well received by developers. It’s promising to see what uSens has built, and the industry players there exhibited their enthusiasm too.
Interested developers can sign-up for the uDev program on uSens  developer portal online. There was also a development contest announced for later this Fall that will provide some large cash prizes for winners. Stay tuned at for more on that soon.